PeopleShores brings more jobs to Clarksdale

August 5, 2019

PeopleShores, a California-based company, with the help of the Clarksdale and Coahoma County Chamber of Commerce, has joined forces to bring more jobs to the Clarksdale workforce.

“PeopleShores is an outsource company that provides services to large, global corporations such as Federal Express, Accenture, and Amazon,” says Jon Levingston, executive director for the Clarksdale/Coahoma County Chamber of Commerce. “The services they provide are varied and include work in human resources, insurance reporting, delivery information management, as well as robotic process automation. Many people have referred to PeopleShores as a Call Center. That description is incorrect. They provide sophisticated data processing for major global corporations.”

PeopleShores, whose headquarters is in the heart of the Silicon Valley in San Jose, California, plans to scale the Clarksdale Center to over 200 people.

“PeopleShores began operation in Clarksdale on January 17,” Levingston adds. “They began training their first cohort of employees then. Currently, they employee twenty-five local people, all of whom have been certified for Robotic Process Automation. They are currently interviewing people for their next cohort, which they expect to be onboard with in August. The Clarksdale Center is producing work for Federal Express and, through a subcontract, for Microsoft.”

Levingston says what this means for Clarksdale is new, well-paying jobs for the community. “They also have trained local labor to perform sophisticated software programing,” he adds. “This is no small achievement. They are teaching us and the rest of the state that the labor in the Delta is just as smart, just as capable, and just as able to be trained as any other labor force anywhere.”

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