It’s easy to expand a business here because of the cooperation between the county and the city…

Anybody who wants to come to Clarksdale should feel really at ease about it.

Jimmy Walker photo

Jimmy Walker
President, Saf-T-Cart

When we made the decision to move to Clarksdale, everything pretty much fell into place… Jon and his team did everything they could to make it as easy of a process as possible.

So, whenever we came into a roadblock, Jon handled it.

Stacia Hobson photo

Stacia Hobson
Co-owner, Image Industries

Most of the times, the main question that goes through the minds of the executives or the tech companies is, ‘This workforce, can they do this kind of work?’... Having done it myself personally and proven that they have the talent and they can do the job delivering work to the customers…

The proof is in the pudding.

Murali Vullaganti photo

Murali Vullaganti
Founder & Executive Chairman, PeopleShores

Economic development does not stop when a company lands here. It’s really the beginning…

We want to make sure that we roll out the red carpet and, whatever it takes to make sure they land safely, we’re going to make sure that we do all we can here in Coahoma County.

Johnny Newson photo

Johnny Newson
President, Coahoma County Board of supervisors

Our team is built to satisfy the public, and that’s our interest. We have a stewardship of spirit and everyone, from our local to our state leaders, are all poised to make this happen in our city…

It’s all about the team, and this team is ready to work for you.

Chuck Espy photo

Chuck Espy
Mayor, Clarksdale, MS


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