Clarksdale’s labor base is derived from 6 counties in the Mississippi Delta and one county in Arkansas just across the Mississippi River. With a population base of about 135,000 people, the area boasts two community colleges and one state university. Additionally, Mississippi’s flagship university is located just 60 miles to the east of Clarksdale. The region‘s labor has a demonstrated level of capability, as evidenced by the industry-standard certification of our largest counties as ACT workforce ready. We supply labor to steel manufactures, automobile insulation manufacturers, machine developers and writers of Robotic Process Automation software. Contact us today to learn how our labor force can meet your business’ needs.

Population by county

Coahoma  22,124
Bolivar 30,628
Quitman 6,792
Panola 34,192
Tallahatchie 13,809
Tunica 9,632
Phillips, AR 17782

Source: US Census data

Education level by county

HS Grad AND higher   
Coahoma 78.70%
Bolivar 76.90%
Quitman 67.60%
Panola 78.40%
Tallahatchie 68.90%
Tunica 81.50%
Phillips, AR 78.40%

Source: US Census data

ACT WorkReady Communities

  Bronze Silver Gold  Platinum Total
Regionally (Coahoma Bolivar Quitman Panola Tallahatchie Tunica & Phillips, AR) 2692 3189 611 153 6645
  42% 48% 9% 2%  
60% of our labor force is skilled for 69% of profiled jobs           
NATIONAL NUMBERS 1,194,767 2,629,967 1,035,486 133,845  
NATIONAL PERCENTAGE 24% 53% 21% 3%  

Source: ACT WorkReady Communities data

ACT Work Ready Communities badge for Coahoma County, MS


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