Clarksdale Welcomes Automation Anywhere

March 4, 2020

By Floyd Ingram / The Press Register

The ribbon has been snipped, the speeches made and this newspaper wants to formally welcome Automation Anywhere to this community.

Based out of San Jose in California, Automation Anywhere is a high-tech business management service that offers everything from robotics process automation and artificial intelligence machine learning to bots designed for every business from healthcare and human resource to insurance and finance. Simplified, they provide software solutions to companies stretched across the country and globe.

This is a business that claims Hatachi, Coca-Cola, Black & Decker and Sprint as part of their client base.

But they are more than just another Silicon Valley software company.

Automation Anywhere is a social enterprise with the objective of bringing technology oriented careers to the economically challenged and youth from under-served communities in the United States through impact sourcing. That means they go to communities often ignored by traditional tech firms, carefully pick and train their workforce and put out a top-shelf product using people who are very proud to have a high-tech job.

And they chose us.

We hope Clarksdale will seek to understand Automation Anywhere’s business model. It is unique and it works.

Their mantra is “Go Be Great.” Clarksdale needs to buy into that idea.

And their corporate culture is simple, too. Automation Anywhere is driven by a group of highly accomplished industry leaders and successful entrepreneurs who have set the bar in RPA in the highly competitive Silicon Valley. They are the next big thing in the complex world of computers.

And they have brought their technology and ideas to the Mississippi Delta.

This newspaper hopes the vision of Automation Anywhere will become the vision of Clarksdale and beyond.

Once again we want to welcome Automation Anywhere to this community. Thank you for choosing Clarksdale.

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